Why Afrobeat

With Australia's growing savvy and appreciation for African Drumming has come a new wave of interest in the importance and uses of group drumming. Is it any wonder that more and more drumming businesses are popping up to serve this hunger for the djembe drum, its infectious rhythms and far reaching benefits? With so many to choose from you might be asking – What's so special about one of the longest running Drumming businesses in Australia?


'Afrobeat is an ever evolving and one of a kind business celebrating African drumming and dance through workshops and performances'

It's not what we do, but how we do it and who we are that defines AFROBEAT and sets us apart from the rest. Founded in 1998 by creative director, principle facilitator and instructor Janine Rew (aka neeni-tuti), AFROBEAT is one of the longest running and first female owned and operated African Drumming businesses in Australia. We LEAD with passion, purpose and positivity and a sense of professionalism and commitment to customer service and team values unmatched in our industry! 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and connect all who come in contact with the Afrobeat Experience. Our Team aim to embody the essence of teamwork and the very values that you aspire to achieve for your own community, organisation or team (passion, purpose, and positivity); to be innovative in our delivery of interactive entertainment, provide real outcomes and sustained benefits for our clients (transferable to your workplace and to each individual), AND to make it inspiring, FUN and the most talked about experience you'll ever do! We believe in working with quality clients, who unreservedly value and appreciate who we are, what we do, and the value this brings to their lives and businesses. 


Our People

Our people are dynamic, talented, professional and passionate about their work and building community through music! We love what we do. This is obvious and infectious! Our team are professionals - specially selected trained facilitators and seasoned musicians, instructors and charismatic entertainers who LOVE their work with Afrobeat!

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The Corporate Drumming Specialists

Approaching 20 years in the business, our experience, cultural training, academic qualifications, industry endorsements, and an understanding of how ‘group drumming’ directly translates to team work, leadership, organisational culture, wellbeing,  increased productivity and revenue; and a team who embody the very essence of ‘team culture’,   Afrobeat are the Corporate Team Building Specialists!

Our Product

We've developed programs that balance creativity, ownership and personal reward; engaging diverse people and contexts through music and dance. Our unique program design and delivery, distinctive visual impact, branding, and presentation resonate with diverse audiences and contexts. The Afrobeat Experience is fresh, vibrant, engaging, FUN and memorable. 


Our Brand - Colours of Afrobeat

Often clients would say they'd seen us before - but on further enquiry it had been another drumming group. We soon realised that when people saw drums they just assumed it was the same group. We decided to make our mark and brand ourselves in a way that no one would be in any doubt that they had seen AFROBEAT! And so the colours of Afrobeat were born. Red, yellow, green, and black are the universal colours of Africa, and represent vibrancy, vitality, strength and power. Although we're one of the longest operating Drumming businesses in Australia, Afrobeat will always be the young company with the biggest joy! We hope you feel the colour too!

Connection to Source

Everything that we offer holds an element of audience interaction. This is based on the principles and philosophies of traditional African culture, where spectator and performer are never separated, and participation is always invited and encouraged. This tradition is worth emulating here and now, in our business and local communities! In this context, true personalities, group dynamics, and individual behaviours are revealed, and the team spirit begins to emerge.

In Africa there is never drumming without song, or song without dance; these elements are intrinsically connected and all inclusive. Everybody belongs, 
everybody has a part to play!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire connection and uplift the human spirit, ONE beat at a time!
We promise personalised attention and friendly customer service by making your interaction with Afrobeat from enquiry to program delivery one that is simple, pleasant, and stress free. We supply only the most professional Artists and Facilitators who are reliable, friendly, well presented, punctual, deliver an outstanding program that meets your needs, are helpful, flexible, and inspiring. We have carefully selected team members who share Afrobeat's vision, professional work ethic, embrace our values, our passion, and embody the very essence of 'team culture' so that we can LEAD by example.

Unique Interactive Entertainment

To the delight and surprise of unsuspecting audiences, Afrobeat invite audiences to take up a drum of their own and join in, or get out of their seats and join our entertainers on stage! 

'Ditch the role of the spectator and become part of the show!'


Real Outcomes

Our programs provide sustainable and tangible outcomes with powerful, far reaching and long lasting benefits that are transferable to your community, organisation and self.



Our programs are designed to come to you! We can be flexible to suit your event needs, venue set-up, loading access, audience, contexts, time frame, location, available space, theme or message of the day.

Limitless Applications and Ideas

Simply put, the Afrobeat experience suits any audience, any occasion, any place and any time. 


Complete Corporate Solutions

We offer complete corporate solutions including conference activities and themed interactive entertainment packages to suit any venue or event, or we can tailor something to suit your specific needs!


Unbeatable add on value + optional extras

More BANG for your BUCK! We offer fantastic add on value and optional extras, and will tailor our product to suit your event, set-up, theme or message of the day!


Drumming Logistics

We work closely with you to ensure the finer 'behind the scene' details are taken care of effortlessly and efficiently. Our aim is to provide peace of mind, audience satisfaction, and quality of delivery on the day through careful planning of 'Drumming Logistics' including loading and access, set-up, pack down, stage and sound requirements.
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Client Testimonials...

  • "The kids loved it. Afrobeat were wonderful with them and completely engaging, had them enthralled for the whole hour!"
    YMCA, Yarramundi
  • "Afrobeat is not your average music program to visit a school. It offers so much more than just a one hour workshop for each grade. Afrobeats brings the kids together in rhythm, ..."
    Point Lonsdale Primary School - Áine Tyrrell

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