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AFROBEAT FOR KIDS offer Dynamic workshops and interactive shows that are FUN, educational, and inclusive! Afrobeat for Kids captures the imagination of its young audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, and connection through African drumming and dance.

Simple, FUN, accessible & effective - Everyone can do it!

Having fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and promoting creativity for children and young people alike. Afrobeat for Kids is dynamic, colourful, full of energy and audience interactive! We get kids up and moving, shaking, call and response chanting, clapping percussion, dancing and drumming to the beat of Africa! It’s an exciting opportunity to ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show, to learn without learning, and experience life with abandon. Afrobeat for Kids captures the imagination of its audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team work and connection through interactive African drumming and dance.  Our workshops are suitable for Early Learning Centres, Primary and Secondary Schools, and Youth Organisations.

We offer Interactive Group Drumming Experiences

One-off Workshops

• Half Day Programs

• Full Day Programs

• Remote, Regional and Country Tours

• School Residencies

• School Term Courses culminating in a peer performance

• Team Building

• Interactive Shows

• Discounted Drums and Percussion Packages for schools

• Teacher-Facilitator Training

Our Facilitators

 Working with Children Checks

 Public Liability Insurance

 Reliable & Professional

 Experience working with Kids of all Ages & Abilities


Afrobeat for Kids suit:

• Incursions

• OSHC Activity

• Children's Parties

• Children's Entertainment

• All-ages Entertainment

• Community Festivals

• Cultural Events

• Multicultural Celebrations

• Festival for Kids

• Refugee Integration

• Language ESL Studies

• Schools for the Deaf

• Early Learning Centres

• Kindergartens

• Day Care Centres

• Pre-Schools


• Primary Schools

• Secondary Schools

• Community Centres

• Youth Centres

• Vacation Care

• School Holiday Programs

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Mob:     0416 262 388

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Client Testimonials...

  • "Afrobeat was really well received by the majority of our conference delegates. It was a high energy activity at the end of the conference day which was needed after heavy conten..."
    Insignia P/L, Gold Coast, QLD
  • "Thank you for today, the girls really enjoyed it- so did my grand-daughters!"
    Ilana Baker

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