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When we drum together, we work as a team, ONE beat at a time!

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African drumming has evolved as one of the most popular team building activities of all time. Businesses big and small including fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Microsoft and BHP Billiton have jumped on board the percussive phenomenon and recognised drumming as a cutting edge tool for building teams, leadership training, and improving corporate wellbeing. And is it any wonder when 'drumming together' is simple, fun, accessible, and effective! A natural organiser and energiser; rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for organisational culture, experiential learning, leadership, teamwork and group synergy! An unBEATable ice breaker, Afrobeat also has the power to get your people talking, making it a 'networker's dream'!

We have something for every occasion, group size and budget

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC


The Corporate Drumming Specialists!

With 18 years experience, an understanding of how ‘group drumming’ directly translates to teamwork, leadership, organisational culture, corporate wellbeing,  increased productivity and revenue; and a team who embody the very essence of ‘team culture’, Afrobeat are the Corporate Drumming Specialists!

Here's what we offer:

Boom Whack N Groove

A resonating hit, the Boomwhacker soundscape is a powerful platform on which to deliver your message. Deliver the ultimate ice breaker / team building experience with the greatest audience and venue flexibility in the smallest pocket of time! More...

Vocal Percussion & Body Beats

Afrobeat energise  audiences with vocal calls and response, and polyrhythmic vocal percussion, as they stomp, click, clap and beat out African and Hip Hop body beats - A powerful human-rhythm soundscape is revealed! More...

The Team Builder - Drumming

Afrobeat create an atmosphere of fun, success, and being part of something special while participants learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds and rhythmic layers traditional to African Music. More...


The Synergiser - BIG Teams!

To the delight and surprise of unsuspecting audiences, Afrobeat invite delegates to take up a drum of their own and join in, or get out of their seats and join our entertainers on stage!  Within minutes, afrobeat have your team beating out rhythms of unity, creating musical harmony and an outstanding theatrical performance! More...


Team Challenge 'Tribal Drum-Off'

Level the playing field, unearth the dormant talents of your tribe, and showcase those entertaining extroverts! Following an inspiring demonstration by Team Afrobeat, delegates are divided into smaller teams and 'break out' to learn traditional African Rhythms, culminating in 'The Team Challenge' as delegates re-group for a highly entertaining Tribal drum-off finale! More...


Team Challenge 'Tribal Dance-Off'

This is a hip-swivelling, hand clapping, foot stomping dance-off, set to the irresistible beat of the drums! Teams are inspired to create movements to the infectious grooves of live afrobeat rhythms, providing a spontaneous and contagiously fun on-stage display of audacious team-work… grass skirts optional! More...


Conference Energiser

OPEN your next conference with a BANG!, Grab your delegate's attention, revive tired minds after lunch, or send delegates home with a positive and memorable message! Afrobeat offer Conference Drumming PACKAGES to suit your next event. More...


The Drum Room

Take a mind break, meet the alpha-state, release those stress endorphins, and explore the ingredients of team success in The Drum Room. Small groups of delegates can drop-in to create their own music in a facilitated drum circle or learn an African rhythm during morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea breaks at your next conference. More...


Corporate Wellness Drumming

Reduce stress, boost immunity, increase productivity, worker happiness and staff retention... ALL to the BEAT of the drum! From a one-off wellness drumming session to a more focused wellness program with long term benefits specifically tailored to your team, organisation or group, AFROBEAT has the perfect health rhythm solution for you! More...

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Client Testimonials...

  • "I just wanted to thank you and the team for the amazing performance on Friday evening at the Wyndham Business Awards. I heard a lot of positive comments afterwards and was so gl..."
    Wyndham City Council's Business Awards Dinner - Amy Gilbert
  • "Afrobeat ran an interactive, engaging and very energetic activity for our holiday program for kids with a disability. They delivered an activity that allowed kids to participate..."
    Melton City Council - Darren Cunningham

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About our Corporate Drumming events:


We come to YOU! Afrobeat deliver Team Building Drumming options with the flexibility to suit your group, venue, event needs, objectives, and theme or message of the day!

Venue, Logistics and Cost

Cost is determined by a number of factors including the number of people, equipment requirements, location, venue type, activity duration, loading, and set-up times so it is best to obtain a quote.