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Hosting an African drumming or African dance workshop, interactive drumming show or Meditation Drumming session is a great way to give back to the community, strengthen your group dynamic and foster friendship and support. The experience of drumming together helps remove social barriers in a non-intimidating, and fun atmosphere. Participants relax, gain enthusiasm and the necessary confidence to fully participate. Get people talking and feeling good about themselves and their community! Afrobeat creates an atmosphere of fun, success, and being part of something special. Participants learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds and polyrhythmic compositions traditional to African Music, leaving them uplifted, energised and inspired!


Here's what we have to offer community & private events:


Interactive Drumming Show

This is a colourful and theatrical interactive show where African drums are supplied and audiences are invited to join in! Ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show! Within minutes, our all-ages audiences become a lively orchestra. More...


African Drumming Workshop

Stomp, drum and beat your way into some serious percussion energy as you learn to play traditional African beats to the pulsating undertones of the large African bass drums we call Doundouns. Learn to play the Djembe drum, the cultural significance and context behind traditional rhythms, and how this connects to our everyday life. More...


African Dance Workshop

High energy, FUN and inspiring is how you might describe a workshop encounter with Afrobeat’s professionally trained African Dance instructor! This is a dance workshop that will have you moving to a different beat! Learn a traditional African dance to LIVE African drumming! More...


Meditation Drumming

Clear the mind and become completely absorbed in the moment. African Drumming is one of the few activities that engages both sides of our brain making it the perfect meditation that can be accessed almost immediately by anyone! More...

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Client Testimonials...

  • "Janine has been coming to our School to teach African Dance and Drumming for 2 years now, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her classes have been entertaining and kept s..."
    Rebecca (Teacher), Mount St Joseph School
  • "The drummers for the launch of 'Mother' had an energy that lit up the room. Their enthusiasm was infectious and as for their actual drumming skills - everyone was blown away!"
    Chad, Coca-Cola Mother Launch Tour

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