African Drum & Dance Classes

If you can walk, you can dance. If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm & if you have rhythm, then it’s worth a bash on the drum!  

Sami Lucas with Neeni on TOTALLY WILD, Channel 10

African Drumming & African Dance Classes in Geelong are underway with Afrobeat Founder 'Neeni-Tuti' !!

A specialists in West African Drumming & Dance, Neeni offers fun, instructional classes, courses and one-off workshops that combine the irresistible rhythms and high-energy dances of West African folklore to create an unforgettable experience that exhilarates and energises mind, body and spirit. Classes are offered in 6 or 8 week blocks during school terms. Come for FUN, fitness, a get-together, to learn to play an instrument, make new friends, learn about another culture, or re-invigorate your life!  Share in the rich vitality and power of West African drumming and dance by joining us today!


Bookings Close FEB 12, 2018

African Drumming & African Dance Classes

BOOK NOW for our upcoming 4 week CLASS BLOCK 
Starting: FEB 14, 2018

6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

African Drumming (Adults) 

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

African Dance (Adults)

@ Sparrow Park Hall

Corner of Hope St / Weller St


Parking available on site


$88 Drumming OR Dance

$132 BOTH Drum & Dance

Drum Hire included!

*Limited Drums available - Bookings essential. First in first served!


*Class blocks follow school terms

*Minimum pre-paid bookings required for go ahead. Only PAID bookings can be counted.

*Casual attendance only available once course has commenced with required minimum number who have paid for the term. Please don't rely on this. If you want the classes to exist - please support them by pre-booking.

*Please note the class terms are designed to be PROGRESSIVE (so that we can learn together at the same pace and build on our learning each week). For this reason, casual attendance is better suited to experienced student drummers and not beginners.

*Please contact Neeni if you have any questions or would like to discus further 0416 262 388


Class Descriptions


West African Drumming - Adults

The perfect after-work tonic! Neeni-tuti's African Drumming class is like no other. Stomp, drum, beat and clap your way into some serious percussion energy as you learn a mixture of funky polyrhythmic beats from traditional West African arrangements, and the pulsating undertones of popular culture. Learn Djembe and Doundoun drumming technique, the cultural significance and context behind traditional rhythms, and the relationship between drummer and dancer. 


West African Dance - Adults

Dynamic, positive and inspiring is how you might describe a class encounter with neeni-tuti! Her African Dance workshops are an exhilarating, fun, expressive and athletic workout to exciting African rhythms! Learn traditional West African movements and dance sequences from Guinea and Senegal - the inspirational force behind today's popular world street styles! West African Dance combines elements of music, rhythm, song and fitness that exercise mind, body and spirit. African dance is about FUN, freedom and personal expression. 


Afrobeat for Kids *Expressions of interest invited

Experienced teacher, Neeni Tuti captures the imagination of her young students while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, connection and self-esteem through African drumming and dance. Children will learn traditional African rhythms and movements in a FUN, inclusive and uplifting atmosphere. 

Classes will also feature:

• Exciting musical games

• Moving to the beat

• Improvisation and jamming

• Call and response

• How to create different sounds on the drum (Kids 2)

• Thunderous drum rolls

• Basic rhythms and drum solos

• Counting, pitch and volume control

• Wearing the ‘conductor’s cap’ (Kids 2)

• Learning a performance piece (Kids 2)

About Neeni...

Following a trip to Africa in 1995, Afrobeat Founder and Principle Facilitator Janine Rew became fascinated with African Rhythm and subsequently studied Traditional Percussion and dance under renowned master A. Epizo Bangoura from Guinea, West Africa for 12 years.

A versatile and respected professional, Janine hails from a diverse background of more than 25 years of formal dance training and performance. The only female ‘African style’ percussionist to be endorsed by Billy Hydes (Australia’s largest retailer of percussion), she has been instructing individuals and groups in West African percussion and dance technique, and facilitated drumming circles with diverse audiences for the past 19 years. 


Neeni's personal guarantee...

•Quality instruction by experienced facilitator with 19 years teaching experience

•Passionate teacher with a gift for teaching and a love for sharing her craft 

•Authentic full size African Djembe Drums for hire / sale (try before buy can be organised)

•Personal advice and recommendations on buying your first djembe 

•A fun, relaxed, inclusive, non competitive ‘community’ environment

•Accessible classes - we welcome all levels of experience (including those who don't believe they can do it!), a great venue, on street parking, and close to PT

•Progressive learning (no two classes / terms are the same)

•Learning and teaching styles to suit everyone!

•Sessions allow ample time to unwind, warm up, learn some technique, a whole rhythm/dance, and practice it! (And practicing is the part that allows you to enjoy what you’ve learned as well as build stamina and fitness) 

•Understand the relationship between drumming and Dance and learn to drum for the dancer! 

•Develop your musicality and embrace the cultural significance behind the rhythms and dances

•Opportunities to perform at cultural festivals and community events


Check out some photos of Neeni's classes over the years...

Office:  03 5222 6615

Mob:     0416 262 388

Base:  Melbourne | Geelong

Office Hours:  MON - FRI 9:00 - 5:30 EST

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Client Testimonials...

  • "A fantastic high energy performance. We were clapping and stamping our feet from start to finish. Kept 550 kids enthralled for the whole show"
    Bannockburn P.S - Rob Nelson,, Principal
  • "I received the drums today, I have only opened one of the boxes so far but I must say I am extremely happy with the sound of the drums they are fantastic. Thank you so much."
    Satisfied Customer, Drum Circle Facilitator

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