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AFROBEAT deliver WORLD CLASS Interactive Entertainment, Team Building, Educational Workshops, & Wellness Programs 
...to the BEAT of the Drum!

For 20 years, AFROBEAT have drummed and danced their way around Australia - delivering African Drumming & Dance classes, courses, workshops and interactive shows for kids, schools, community, private and corporate events.


We offer...


One-off Workshops & Courses

AFROBEAT offer African Drumming & Dance workshops and courses that leave participants feeling uplifted, energised and inspired. Sessions are fun, engaging and entertaining, and allow for all abilities to experience success.   With unlimited applications, the Afrobeat experience is an unBEATable addition to any community, corporate or private event! More...


Interactive Drumming Shows

Ditch the role of spectator and become part of the show™ To the delight and surprise of unsuspecting audiences, Afrobeat invite EVERYONE to take up a drum and join in, or get out of their seats and join our entertainers on stage!  Within minutes, afrobeat have audiences beating out rhythms of unity, creating musical harmony and an outstanding theatrical performance! This unique audience-interactive drumming spectacular is guaranteed to WOW! More...


African Drum & Dance Shows + More!

Afrobeat bring together the powerful rhythms, sweet melodies and dynamic dance movements representative of the vibrant culture and folklore of West Africa in this colourful, high-energy, audience-interactive performance. Our African Entertainment options also include 'Explosive African Drummers', and 'Acoustic African Vibes' showcasing the hypnotic lullabies of the Kora (21 String African Harp).



Afrobeat for Kids & Schools

Afrobeat deliver dynamic school workshops and interactive children's shows that are FUN, educational, and inclusive! Afrobeat for Kids captures the imagination of its young audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, and connection through African drumming and African dance. Our unique interactive school incursions are popular with Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens, Primary & Secondary Schools.

Shop - African Drums Online

Quality African drumming products at competitive prices, delivered to your door! Discounted African Drum and percussion Packages also available for Schools, Community Groups, and trained DRUMS TALK™ Facilitators & Teachers. NEW WEBSITE coming soon! Can't wait for the new site? Please feel free to request our products and pricing or give us a call today! 

DRUMS TALK™ -  Facilitator Training

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain the skills to run interactive drumming programs for your school, non-profit, youth or community group. The applications are limitless! Afrobeat's DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator Training welcomes participants of all experience levels including those with no musical or teaching experience. Here's your chance to learn from Afrobeat Founder and Principle Facilitator - Janine Rew (aka Neeni-Tuti) More...


Client Testimonials...

  • "Students loved to be invited on stage and having a go at drumming. The performance was excellent and pedagogical. Janine was excellent in leading the students to contribute. Gre..."
    Noelle, LOTE Teacher - SUZANNE CORY H.S
  • "We would like to thank you so much for coming out to our school. We were really blown away with the performance and how you were able to engage everyone. I am so happy that we h..."
    Alana, Student - SUZANNE CORY H.S

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